An Uninterruptible Power Supply is a device that sits between a power supply (e.g. a wall outlet) and a device (e.g. a computer) to prevent undesired features of the power source (outages, sags, surges, bad harmonics, etc.) from adversely affecting the performance of the device – plus – sufficient electrical autonomy to either shut systems down or switch to other alternative supplies (eg: generators). The electricity utility companies supply alternating current from the mains to direct current. The UPS is a buffer battery which is placed between the mains connection and the computer. It converts the alternating current from the mains to direct current to charge the battery, then reconverts it to alternating current to supply the computer. UPS features can also be enhanced by means of communications software linking it with various network and administrative platforms.

 Byte Power Group have a range of solutions to ensure continued power to your equipment from inexpensive UPS for a single PC or workstation right through to more sophisticated UPS systems providing higher levels of protection on entire networks.