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About Byte Power Group Ltd

Byte Power Group Limited (“the Group”) is a diversified technology solutions group with a particular emphasis on securing Asian business opportunities.

Through Wimobilize, the Group has a new cutting edge technology solution, a proprietary Advance Hybrid Artificial Intelligence Big Data Technology Platform consisting of 31 Advance Analysis Engines, 4 levels of Hybrid Correlation and Al Profiling Algorithms customised for governmental, healthcare, banking, telco and tourism industries.  This proprietary Big Data technology platform elevated the AI Predictive Analysis and deep insight intelligence to a new paradigm, applicable to any market segment.

This Wimobilize Big Data technology powered e-commerce ecosystem will provide the next generation innovative trading platform for distributing the Company’s Australian wine, organic honey and honeycomb.

What We Do

As part of BPG’s focus on its IT&T segment, the company has established itself as a distributor of a robust and market-leading solution in the Big Data space.

Uninterruptible power supplies allow for safe and consistent power supply to your IT infrastructure, whether for a single computer, a server room or an entire data centre.

Along with our strong IT&T background and recent partnerships, we are positioned to utilize our key competencies in sourcing growth into new and existing markets for the Cryptocurrency Exchange market.

We offer selections for everyday distinguished palate and premium wine for indulgent luxury.

Country Operations

Australia and New Zealand
Hong Kong